Discover the Dream Spots of the Future.

Our animation shows how sea level rise is redefining coastlines.

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Invest in future beachfront property and profit from climate change.

What is wasteland today will become the new dream spot with sea view in the future. Discover our first exposés.

About The Rise
Climate change presents us as a human race with challenges. We turn them into your unique opportunity. With The Rise Real Estate, you get the chance to invest in selected properties that will become prime ocean-view real estate in the coming decades. Seize the opportunity and look into a golden future with The Rise.
Let your returns rise with the sea level.
Sea level rise is reshaping coastlines around the world: bit by bit, the coastline is shifting inland. Where there is wasteland today, the coastal regions of tomorrow will soon emerge. A unique opportunity for real estate investors. And the best thing about it is that computer models can already use topographical terrain data to precisely calculate where the safest properties and therefore the best investment opportunities are.
Property Sales start in
Only a few days left until the official sales launch of our first properties. Just add the sales launch of The Rise Real Estate to your calendar:
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The launch of The Rise Real Estate is just the beginning. Here you can see which projects are waiting on the horizon.
The Rise International
Unique investment opportunities are not only available in Europe, but especially in the southern hemisphere. Attractive prices, less bureaucracy and a pleasant climate make international properties true highlights. We expect to be able to offer you these from 2023 onwards with competent consulting and handling in cooperation with our international partners.
The Rise Crowdinvesting
Your investment assets are still too small to purchase a complete property? No worries: With crowdinvesting, The Rise will soon be offering an innovative form of investment in which many investors join forces. This way, we can offer private investors an attractive investment product in which they can participate and profit even with limited  amounts of money. In recent years, crowdinvesting has become a popular form of investment that generates attractive returns for small investors, even in a low interest rate environment. More information about The Rise Crowdinvesting will follow soon.
Frequently asked questions about The Rise Real Estate.
Why are the properties not yet available for sale?
The Rise Real Estate is currently in the final preparation phase before the sale of the properties can start. This includes filling vacancies, close coordination with our international partners and expanding our offer. We would like to inform you already about our offer and awaken your interest in order to be able to take the final steps even faster. We thank you for your patience.
Does rising sea level pose a threat to the properties on offer?
When selecting plots of land, we always pay attention to geographical conditions that ensure the long-term and secure existence of the properties for sale. These are, for example, the topographical location, such as a hill, or the presence of dykes.
Why does the offer include only a handful of exposés?
We are constantly expanding our offer. The currently offered properties will soon be extended by other exposés. As a matter of principle, we make sure that we only offer properties that will develop excellently in the coming decades and meet all the requirements to be used as residential or investment properties in the future.
What are the advantages of properties located abroad?
In addition to climatic advantages and geographical conditions, it is a less complex bureaucracy that makes real estate abroad interesting. However, we like to state that no matter which country you choose, with The Rise Real Estate you will always be well advised.
Is acquiring objects for sale abroad complicated?
In most countries the purchase of real estate is also possible for foreigners. Together with our local partners we will give you the best individual advice. All properties, which we develop and offer, are in principle also for foreigners to acquire.